Reading Order

Did you know that all of Ivy Smoak’s novels are intertwined?  Welcome to the Smoak world, which all started with Penny & James from The Hunted series.  Here is the suggested reading order:

1 - Temptation

The Hunted Series, Book 1

Meet James & Penny – the very first couple that I wrote about!  They’ve shaped the whole Smoak world!

2 - Best Year Ever

Hunted Series Spin-off - Josh & Melissa’s Story

See the start of Melissa’s love story!

3 - Addiction

The Hunted Series, Book 2

Continuation of James & Penny’s story.

4 - James the Christmas Grouch

Hunted Series Spin-off

James & Penny’s first Christmas together.

5 - City of Sin

Hunted Series Spin-off - Mason & Bee’s Story

You’ve met Mason in Addiction and James the Christmas Grouch. This is his story.

6 - Eruption

The Hunted Series, Book 3

Continuation of James & Penny’s story.

7 - Going for Gold

Alina & Bryce’s Story

A sports rom-com.  A certain professor is mentioned a bunch in this book.

8 - Third Chances

Hunted Series Spin-off - Rob & Daphne’s Story

You’ve met Rob from The Hunted series.  This is his story.  Plus you finally get some of James’ perspective!  Characters from Going for Gold will also make an appearance in this one.

9 - Playing a Player

Rory & Keira’s Story

A romantic comedy.  These characters show up in Devotion.  And Rory has actually already been mentioned in Addiction.  He works at Penny’s favorite restaurant back home.

10 - Devotion

The Hunted Series, Book 4

Continuation of James & Penny’s story.  The conclusion to The Hunted series...but don’t worry, you haven’t seen the last of Penny and James!

11 - Missing Pieces

Hunted Series Spin-off - Tyler & Hailey’s Story

You’ve met Tyler from The Hunted series.  This is his story.  And trust me, you do not know Tyler until you’ve picked up this book!

12 - Made of Steel

Made of Steel Series, Book 1

A romantic suspense series that takes place in NYC.  You know Professor Hunter is going to be mentioned!

13 - Forged in Flames

Made of Steel Series, Book 2

Continuation of Summer’s story.

14 - Carved in Ice

Made of Steel Series, Book 3

Continuation of Summer’s story.  The epic conclusion to the Made of Steel series.

15 - The Light to My Darkness

The Light to My Darkness Series, Book 1

(formerly titled Foundation, The Hunted Series Book 5)

James and Penny are back!  This book takes place a few years after the conclusion to The Hunted series.  But James and Penny are hotter than ever!

16 - A Whirlwind of Color

The Light to My Darkness Series, Book 2

More James and Penny!

17 - Be Careful What You Joust For

Pentavia, Book 1

A YA Fantasy.  This happens to be Scarlett’s favorite book!  She insists on reading it before bed and you’re going to agree with her!

18 - This Is Love

The Light to My Darkness Series, Book 3

The final book for James and Penny!

19 - The Truth in My Lies

Psychological Thriller

A gripping psychological thriller.  Anyone notice a familiar nosy neighbor?  This book takes place in the same neighborhood where Penny grew up!

20 - James

Temptation as told by James Hunter

From the professor who crossed the line comes the perspective and the details you crave from the Amazon bestselling series: The Hunted.