The Light to My Darkness

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Fame.  Fortune.  Penny has the whole world at her fingertips.  What more could a woman ask for? 

But all she wants to do is work on her manuscript - a novel about defying the odds.  After getting denied by dozens of literary agents, her confidence has been unwound.  Her husband should be enough.  Her family should be enough.  But she doesn’t feel worthy of any of it.  She wants to make a name for herself, untainted by her husband’s status.

As she pens her story, she doesn’t even see the real story unfolding in her life.  A story that will threaten her family’s existence.

Fame and fortune will put a target on her back.  Will she be able to see it before it’s too late?



One recommendation: Write faster, Ivy!!!
— M. Rice from Amazon
I was immediately sucked into this book and found myself lost in it from start to finish. My heart completely shattered.
— A from Amazon

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