The Hunted Series Book 4


Tick tock. One day before the wedding of her dreams, Penny is in a city that is no longer her home. Alone. Heartbroken. Lost. Could the past few years really mean so little to a man that became her world? To a man she'd do anything to protect? There is no future without him. There is no her without him. 

With only 24 hours until the wedding, is there enough time to repair the damage? Tick tock. 

And even if Penny and James do come back to each other, Isabella is still out there plotting. The world is still against them. Darkness still lurks in the shadows of James' past. A student and her professor were never meant to be forever. They thought it was an everlasting love, but it was doomed from the very start. Tick tock. 

Temptation led to addiction, which exploded into an eruption of chaos. And when the pieces settled, only one thing became clear...devotion. One great love. A love worth fighting for. Because the only thing that lasts forever is love.



I have always loved this series because of its dense and captivating plot filled with so many emotions. For anyone who has started the Hunted Series or has read Eruption and is waiting for Devotion, IT IS WORTH THE DAMN WAIT.
— Jia Ming from Unfathomable Reads Blog
This book was amazing! I couldn’t put it down. There’s heat, sadness, suspense! It was sensory overload! Ivy did an amazing job! She pulls you in with her writing skills, twists you up and then leaves you in a breathless, heart pounding mess! Loved every second of it!
— Jen from Goodreads

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The Light to My Darkness

My relationship with my husband has been splashed all over the tabloids ever since we first started dating. What should I have expected when I took New York City's most eligible bachelor off the market? 

But no matter how long I'm with my husband, I can't shake the feeling that a stroke of luck brought me here. That I don't deserve the life around me. And I swear, if one more paparazzi takes a picture of me I'm going to freaking lose my mind.