Sea of Stars

COMING 6.4.19


Everything I have ever known is a lie. And I’m not saying that in a dramatic teenager way. I mean that my parents lied to me my whole childhood. My friends lied. The love of my life lied.

They hid what I truly am, apparently for my own safety. But now that I know I’m the last of my race to be born with the gift of sight? I’m not so sure it’s a gift at all. And I’m not sure they were trying to keep me safe either.

I think they feared me. Feared what I’d one day become. Because I can’t control the symbols appearing on my skin. I don’t know what any of them mean. All I know is that I’m running of time.

No, it’s no gift. I’m pretty sure I’m cursed.



This is Ivy’s Masterpiece. I stayed up all night. Could not put it down. Ivy has out done herself. A must read.
— Tammy from Amazon
It’s unforgettable and delicious from start to finish.
— Jen from Goodreads


Be Careful What YOu Joust For

Terric Hornbolt has never ridden a wooly dragon.  He's never jousted for the hearts of beautiful maidens, and he's never marched across the desert to fight the scorpion-riders of Rashid.

And he's never going to get to.  He's the second born son, and thus destined to take the priestly oath - an oath that will condemn him to a life of copying dusty old books and praying to a dusty old god.  Those are the rules.

But Terric doesn't like following the rules.  He's determined to become a knight, no matter the cost.

All he has to do is escape…