2 weeks until release day!!! 🌼

Hello April.  This is going to be an exciting month because Be Careful What You Joust for releases in just 2 weeks!!!!  I am so stoked about this release.  My husband and I poured our hearts and souls into these characters.  I loved this experience because I got to focus so much on the romance, humor, and emotion in this book.  And in two weeks you get to see who wins hearts…princes or thieves.

You can pre-order the novel on:

And get a sneak peek on my website HERE

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*Ramblings from Ivy’s Couch*

I’ve done something to my knee but I don’t know what…since apparently I’m a child and refuse to go to the doctor.  So I pretty much haven’t left the house in almost 3 months.  Fun?  Oh yes.  Well, there’s pros and cons. 

Pros:  I’m getting so much writing done!  I’m still on pace to release Made of Steel this spring…although it is going to be late spring.  Like so late that it’s going to feel like summer outside (I hope) but it technically won’t be June 21st yet so it’s still spring…that kind of spring release.  But Carved in Ice has been smooth sailing.  And in my writings this week I’m hoping to get to the scene where I reveal V.  Mask stripped.  Identity determined.  Yay!  I can’t wait to write this scene.  If you haven’t read the Made of Steel series, catch up today HERE.

Cons: It’s starting to get nice outside and I can’t run and jump and play outside.  I’m a kid at heart and this is torture for me.  Such torture that I think I’ll probably make a doctor’s appointment.  Ugh.  Also, I’m pretty sure I’m going crazy.  How else could I have written The Truth in My Lies?  Clearly I’ve become insane.

Also, in my un-moving state, I’ve gotten really into ordering things online.  Fine…I was already obsessed with this.  But even more so now.  And I recently discovered the FabFitFun box which is so awesome!  I never have enough time to find out the latest trends and I hate spending money.  So when I found out about FabFitFun I was ecstatic.  So many fun accessories, makeup, and other goodies for such a low price.  And now I’m obsessed.  Also it’s so fun to look forward to something in the mail.  And I’m all about a good deal - You can get $10 off your first box with coupon code SUNSHINE at fabfitfun.com