One week until the release of Be Careful What You Joust For

The release of Be Careful What You Joust for is only one week away!  I’ll be sharing some very exciting news on release day, so stay tuned for the big announcement.  ***Hint…it has to do with James & Penny.***  So make sure to mark your calendars for release day - 4/17. 

My co-author/husband and I will also be having a release day party on my Facebook page on 4/19 (a few days after the release so you have time to meet the characters).  You’ll get to hang out with me, ask my husband questions for the first time ever – and get his take on being the inspiration for James, enter giveaways, and more!  You can RSVP to the event HERE.

And make sure to pre-order the novel at its special pre-order / launch week price off 99 cents.  The price will be going up after the first week of release, so pre-order today on:


The story behind Be Careful What You Joust For:

Penny and James have always been close to my heart.  When I was 18 years old, I opened up a door and collided with my future husband.  I didn’t even ask his name…because I’m shy and awkward and was completely star struck by his smile.  But we ran into each other again on campus.  It was fate.  And last November, we shared our first dance as husband and wife to the song Hands Down by Dashboard Confessional.

Just like Penny and James, we both love Harry Potter and we both got obsessed with the show Game of Thrones as soon as it aired.  How far does our love for fantasy go?  Ryan actually gave all his groomsmen swords at our wedding.  And we cut our cake with a sword engraved with our names.  So it was only a matter of time before we decided to create something magical together. 

The Hunted series is my heart and soul.  Ryan is my James.  And if Penny and James were to write a story together…this would be it.  Be Careful What You Joust for is both our hearts and souls.