YAAAAAS! New Book Pre-order is LIVE!

Carved in Ice…coming July 12th.  It’s official!  There’s finally a release date scheduled for the last book of the Made of Steel series!  I can’t wait for you to dive back into Summer’s life this summer (hahaha).  Who will she choose – Miles, Eli, or V?  Will she finally get revenge against Don?  And seriously, who is V?  You’ll get answers to all your questions in this book!
Carved in Ice is now available for pre-order.  It’s on sale for $4.99 (regular price will be $6.99) so grab your copy before the price goes up:

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Once upon a time, I dreamed my life would be a fairy tale. But it just so happens that I don’t need a knight in shining armor to save me anymore. I’m made of freaking steel. 

It’s time for answers. Time for vengeance. And time to finally unmask the notorious V. There’s no going back now. 

See what happens in the epic conclusion of the Made of Steel series.


*~*Ramblings from Ivy’s couch*~*

I know I promised to have Carved in Ice out this spring, so I’m a teensy bit late.  *Cue the rotten tomatoes.*  But this has been the hardest book I’ve ever had to write.  It’s been in the making on and off for just over a year now.  My husband made me stop writing about Summer before our wedding because it was making me too emotional.  Summer has caused me more tears than I probably shed my whole youth.  It’s just been an incredible journey for me to get these words on paper.  And I’m finally putting the finishing touches on it this week (fingers crossed).  It’s been a long time coming and I seriously can’t wait for you to read the conclusion to this series!!!
Also my ramblings won’t be from the couch for much longer.  I just finished cleaning off our porch so I’m moving outdoors to write!  This is my all time favorite time of year to type away behind my computer.  There’s nothing better than writing outside.  Well, except eating outside.  And drinking outside.  Nope, nope writing.  I promise I’m focusing on writing!  Plus you’ll be happy to know that I’m working on the next book in The Hunted series next!  Hopefully you’re putting those rotten tomatoes away now.