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Sea of Stars - Coming 6.4.19

Surprise!  I have a new release coming out in just 3 weeks!  Pre-order your copy of Sea of Stars today:

Everything I have ever known is a lie. And I’m not saying that in a dramatic teenager way. I mean that my parents lied to me my whole childhood. My friends lied. The love of my life lied. 

They hid what I truly am, apparently for my own safety. But now that I know I’m the last of my race to be born with the gift of sight? I’m not so sure it’s a gift at all. And I’m not sure they were trying to keep me safe either. 

I think they feared me. Feared what I’d one day become. Because I can’t control the symbols appearing on my skin. I don’t know what any of them mean. All I know is that I’m running of time.

No, it’s no gift. I’m pretty sure I’m cursed.

I just typed The End!

I'm finally ready to share some information about my current project!  I just typed THE END this weekend on my new novel...Sweet Like a Psycho.

It's a romantic suspense/thriller that will have you guessing until the very last page.  If you loved the Made of Steel series or The Truth in My Lies then you're going to loooove Sweet Like a Psycho.  Oh I can't wait for you to read it!!

It's a standalone novel, although it does take place in the same neighborhood as The Truth in My Lies.  Does that mean Adeline and Ben are mentioned?  Yes it does :)  Does that mean you have to read The Truth in My Lies first?  Nope.  It's a standalone so you can enjoy this book entirely on it's own :)

It's releasing on July 2nd so mark your calendars!  I'll have pre-order links in a few weeks.  But in the meantime, scroll down for a partial cover reveal and to read the blurb!  Next week I'll be revealing the cover!!


slap teaser.png

Blurb: I’ve become what my neighbors say I am.  The crazy lady on the hill.  After all, I murdered three people in cold blood, right?  I’m a monster.
But that’s the thing about rumors…they aren’t the truth. 
When a detective shows up on my doorstep, for a moment I think the police have finally uncovered my secrets.  But he’s trying to link me to a case I had nothing to do with.  The longer he stays around though?  Secrets have a way of floating to the surface.
Everyone else thinks they already know me.  But they don’t.  Not yet.

LIVE Book Release Party!

I'll be LIVE on Facebook tonight 11/29 @7:30 PM EST!

So make sure to stop by my Facebook page tonight! I’ll be celebrating the release of A Whirlwind of Color, doing tons of giveaways, and getting up to all sorts of shenanigans.  Plus I’ll be answering any questions you have for me :)

Join me on my Facebook page at 7:30 pm HERE.