James and Penny are back! – Pre-order Your Copy Today

I know that you've been dying to know what happens next for James and Penny after The Light to My Darkness (previously titled Foundation – The Hunted book 5).  And it’s time to put an end to the suspense.  The next book in the series finally has a release date!  And a title.  And a blurb!

A Whirlwind of Color (The Light to my Darkness book 2) is being released November 27th!  Yaaasss!

And the best news?  It’s already available for pre-order on all the major e-book retailers.  Pre-order your copy of A Whirlwind of Color today:


One great love.  That’s what every heart craves.  I was lucky enough to find mine when I was 19.  But I wouldn’t describe myself as lucky now.

My husband looks at me like I’m the light of his life.  We live in a penthouse apartment that overlooks Central Park.  My closet it filled with designer clothes and more pairs of shoes than I can count.  I have everything I could possibly want at my fingertips. 

And I’ve accomplished my dream of writing a novel.  I wrote my love story.  Every kiss, every touch, every memory compiled in a manuscript.  The pages make my heart ache, my tears flow freely, and my cheeks hurt from laughter.  My whole life is written on these pages.

I have the perfect husband.  The perfect family.  The perfect life. 

But I don’t remember any of it.

FAQ's About The Hunted series
& Light to My Darkness series

Question - Why did you split The Hunted series into 2 separate series?

Answer -  I didn’t want to call it quits on writing about Penny and James yet.  But The Hunted series was getting way too long (it was originally only supposed to be 3 books).  So Foundation (originally The Hunted book 5) became The Light to My Darkness (The Light to My Darkness book 1).  And The Light to My Darkness series will include at least 3 books (Yay!).

Question: How many books are there going to be in The Light to My Darkness series?

Answer: The plan is at least 3 books.  4 at the most.

Question: Can I pre-order paperbacks of your novels?

Answer: Unfortunately not.  But paperbacks will be available on release day though!

Question: With The Hunted series now split in 2, what is the suggested reading order?

Answer:  The reading order is: Temptation > Addiction > Eruption > Devotion > The Light to My Darkness > A Whirlwind of Color. If you want more details about suggested reading order I’ve created a recommended list HERE which includes all the spin-offs and standalone books I have as well.