Cover Reveal – Be Careful What You Joust For


Penny and James have always been close to my heart.  When I was 18 years old, I opened up a door and collided with my future husband.  I didn’t even ask his name…because I’m shy and awkward and was completely star struck by his smile.  But we ran into each other again on campus.  It was fate.  And last November, we shared our first dance as husband and wife to the song Hands Down by Dashboard Confessional.

Just like Penny and James, we both love Harry Potter and we both got obsessed with the show Game of Thrones as soon as it aired.  It was only a matter of time before we decided to create something magical together.  The Hunted series is my heart and soul.  But this new book?  It’s both our hearts and souls. 

I’ve been saying that this is a collaboration with the fabulous Ryan Hauge.  And that’s true.  But what you didn’t know was that Ryan Hauge is my husband.  My James.  And if Penny and James were to write a story together…this would be it.

Without further ado, here is the official cover reveal of our brand new novel, Be Careful What You Joust For - a fantasy romance.  It will be available for preorder on iBooks, Nook, and Kobo soon and it will be a live release on Amazon on March 21st.

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jousting small.jpg


The fiercest knights in the realm are coming together to compete in the Joust for Arwin's Lance, a tournament that will divide even the closest alliances. The winner alone will have the power to start or prevent a war from unfolding across the peaceful lands of Pentavia.

House Hornbolt, a prominent family that desires peace above all else, is hosting the tournament. The Hornbolt’s have always been strict followers of tradition. The first born son wears the armor of a knight. The second takes the priestly Oath of Arwin. And the daughters get married off to the most eligible suitors.

The eldest son is the favorite to win the tournament. But the rest of the Hornbolts aren't as eager to follow the paths laid out for them. What if the second born wants to be a knight too? And what if the eldest daughter just gave her heart to a common thief?

Customs are meant to be broken. But that’s not all that threatens to shatter House Hornbolt, not when a secret deeper than the late king's grave is unearthed right before the joust.

The fate of Pentavia hangs in the balance as war becomes imminent. And the scales are about to tip.

One wrong move and everything could fall to pieces.