BEST YEAR EVER - Coming Dec 18th

I hope everyone's been enjoying A Whirlwind of Color!  But who's ready for the Best Year Ever?!  I'll give you a hint - Penny's best friend definitely is :)  Melissa is starring in her own novella coming to you December 18th!

Best Year Ever takes place during Temptation.  You get Melissa's perspective of Penny's newfound love with her professor.  Plus you get to read about how Melissa and Josh's love story all began.  If you don't already love Melissa, you're about to!


Blurb: My best friend Penny and I made a pact that this is going to be our best year ever. So naturally it has to come true. 

Truth be told, we’ve started off the semester a little shaky. Penny may have accidentally fallen in love with her professor. I know, how awkward, right? And I may have accidentally fallen in love with a complete stranger. And by accidentally I mean I stalked him. What? Sue me. I’m the one that’s going to be a lawyer one day so I’ll just file a countersuit. God, when did I become a stalker?

Regardless, Penny and I are going to turn this semester around. I’m nothing if not persistent. And that guy that I keep almost running into on campus? The one with the piercing brown eyes and panty-dropping smile? He’s going to be a big part of my best year ever. I can feel it.

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