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Layla’s Forecast

I've always dreamed of being a respectable meteorologist. But the first job I landed out of school hasn't exactly been all it was promised to be.

Sure, I get to predict the weather every day, but I'm also forced to do a news segment called Layla’s Predictions where I have to predict everything but the weather. People’s long it will take a turtle to get to the finish line...that kind of thing. I thought the segment couldn’t get any worse, but when the government shuts down and my producers find out they can air whatever they want, it’s about to get a whole lot worse.

When I find out the topic of my next segment a few minutes before we go live, my first instinct is to run. And then it’s to kill whatever branding expert from Sword Body Wash decided this was a good idea. But then I start thinking...will the segment really jeopardize the career I've been working so hard for, or could this be my big break?

And when a sexy stranger walks up to take part in my predictions, all bets are off. This prediction might just change both our lives forever.