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Everyone in Miami loves their local weather girl, Layla Torrez.

Especially in the Chanel Nine News segment, Layla's Predictions, which features her predicting anything but the weather. Usually she has to guess innocent things like people's ages, but when the federal government shutdown disbands the FCC, all bets are off. Without the threat of fines from the FCC for airing explicit content, what will she be asked to predict next?

When Layla goes live on the air and finds out what she has to do, her first instinct is to run. Will it jeopardize or help the career she truly wants? But when a sexy stranger walks up, she starts to think this segment could actually be fun. Besides, if she predicts correctly, nothing bad will happen.

Ethan is struggling to remember how to be single. He's poured himself into work, only to find out that his boss just stole the credit for a report he spent months working on. Today, though, luck if finally shining down on him. Ethan's about to meet the girl that every guy in Miami has a crush on. He always watches Layla's Predictions, but this time he needs Layla to guess wrong.

This prediction might just change both their lives forever.



Beautifully written, Layla’s Forecast,would be a great book for a quick read.
— Junming from Smashwords
A fun, sexy, short story. Layla and Ethan create some very funny, but sexy scenes. Highly recommend this enjoyable sexy story.
— Jim from LibraryThing

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