This Is Love

The Light to My Darkness Series Book 3


I fell in love with Penny as soon as she fell into my arms.  I wasn’t a believer in fate, but she convinced me.  And every day she convinced me just how special our relationship was.  It was us against the world.  And I foolishly thought our love was indestructible.

Now I know that love isn’t about light and darkness or whirlwinds of color.  Love can’t be defined in such simple terms.  When you lose it, all of that becomes clear. 

I don’t know how much longer I can breathe in a world where I look into my wife’s eyes and only see a stranger.  I’d do anything to get her back.  But this is one thing I don’t know how to fix.

This is the end to our love story.  I just hope to God it’s not the end of us.


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Reviews for The Light to My Darkness Series

One recommendation: Write faster, Ivy!!!
— M. Rice from Amazon
I was immediately sucked into this book and found myself lost in it from start to finish. My heart completely shattered.
— A from Amazon

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