Third Chances

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Rob lives a life of no strings attached encounters, traveling from one city to the next, with nothing to hold him in place. But there's something missing from his life, eating away at his happiness.  As all his friends begin to settle down, he realizes that maybe there are some benefits to having roots.

When a girl he used to have a crush on shows up during his brother's bachelor party, he's not going to let the opportunity to have her slide through his fingers again. The only problem is that this girl is more than just a pretty face and a way to keep his bed warm at night. She's playing for keeps, and that's one game he's not sure he can win.



When Rob and Daphne finally officially meet, the sparks fly.
— Jennifer from Goodreads
This was a great story about two lost souls finding completion in one another.
— Stephanie from Amazon

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I didn't like to rely on other people. I learned at a young age that my dad and I were on our own. But now my dad's sick. And I'll do whatever it takes to save him. Even if it means facing my biggest fears. Even if it means climbing in a stranger's car and driving across the country with him. And I'm not talking about just any stranger. Because Tyler Stevens is different than anyone I've ever met before. He's the first boy that's made my heart race in five years. The first boy that makes me want to trust. The first boy that makes me feel whole again.

But he's in love with someone else. I've spent my whole life being second, cast aside, unwanted. I can't do it again. So why am I falling for the one boy I can't keep?